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Bree Olson Says Charlie Sheen Tweets During Sex

Charlie Sheen made the claim late last week that he was quitting Twitter. However that might not be the case if he is still having sex.

The Anger Management actor is the subject of a line in a song titled Hollywood Douchebag by his former porn-star girlfriend/goddess Bree Olsen. She sings, “He’s posting Twitter tweets during sex with me.”

And she told Page Six that indeed the lyric is about Charlie saying,

“Yes, he would tweet in bed.”

“He was really excited about Twitter,” continues Olson. “I wasn’t offended by it at all,” she says of Sheen’s tweeting while horizontal. “I thought it was more funny than anything.”

Only Charlie could pull that one off and not have his girlfriend pissed at him. Go ahead average guy... try that next time you're with your girl and see how many characters you get before she pushes you off her!


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