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Paris Hilton Refused Entry Into Japan

Paris Hilton - who admitted two offences, drug possession and obstructing an officer, in court yesterday (20.09.10) in relation to her August arrest in Las Vegas when cocaine was found in her handbag - in further “Perils of Paris”, is currently being held at a hotel in Tokyo airport after she was questioned by immigration authorities as she got off the plane.

Her representative said: “Paris Hilton was delayed by immigration authorities at a Japanese airport this evening after arriving for business obligations planned many months earlier. Paris was contractually bound to her business trip and didn’t want to let down her brands and many Asian fans.” Paris is yet to decide whether to try and get in or just fly back to America.

As well as visiting Japan, Paris was set to head to Jakarta, Indonesia, on Friday (24.09.10), to open a Paris Hilton shop before concluding her Asian trip in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Paris – who was given a year’s probation – also intended to unveil her 2010 fall/winter collection of handbags and watches, and her new perfume Tease.

As well as receiving the probation order – which will result in Paris being jailed for a year if she breaks the terms – the star must also complete a substance-abuse program, pay a $2,000 fine and complete 200 hours of community service. 

Seems like the authorities in Japan don’t take her drug use and excuses lightly. I wonder if Paris will be able to buy herself out of this problem ;-)


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