Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape: Coming to a Computer Near You?

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Jennifer Lopez must be very unhappy today. It seems her ex, Ojani Noa (photo) has found a loophole in their confidentiality agreement from the split of their short-lived marriage in which he was never to speak about her publicly.

That law did not apply to him selling a video tape showing personal moments with Lopez to his girlfriend Claudia Vazquez who is doing the publishing of said tape.

No word on what the tape contains other than personal moments in their marriage. That is not to suggest it’s sexual although I know a lot of people will be hoping for that.

Ed Meyer who is head of this ‘project’ says:

Vazquez has been allowed to release the home videos of Ojani and Jennifer. The project will deal with JLo’s rise to fame, and her marriage to Ojani. Claudia will be meeting with video distributors on Tuesday, and hopefully, a deal can be made very soon.”

The ruling goes states:

“Vazquez argues she has and is suffering harm in that she has had difficulty in obtaining work as a result of Lopez’s attempts at enforcing the Injunction against her.

“Vazquez argues that Lopez, on the other hand, will suffer no harm if Vazquez’s preliminary injunction is granted. Lopez puts forth no arguments contradicting those of Vazquez and, in fact, fails to address this element of the preliminary injunction test altogether. As a result, the Court finds that the balance of the equities weighs in favor of Vazquez.

On the one hand we all want to see this, but on the other hand her ex is a douchebag for doing this when they had an agreement and his girlfriend is no better for being part of this. His move for the ‘loophole’ tells volumes about his character. Let’s be real: he would have received beaucoup bucks form Lopez by signing that confidentiality agreement but it wasn’t enough.

Is it me or is the timing of this interesting? This announcement was made just days after American Idol ended.

What are your thoughts? Douche or fair game, Lopez?


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