"Twilight: Breaking Dawn" Filming in Reverse Order


Perhaps I’m wrong on this, but I highly doubt that fans of the Twilight series will care that the production for Breaking Dawn is filming out of order.

I think the main concern is getting it done and in theaters pronto!

Hollywood Life reports:

“It appeared that when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart headed down to Brazil to film honeymoon scenes for Breaking Dawn that the film was being shot chronologically — but that’s definitely not the case! Dakota Fanning, who plays powerful Volturi vampire Jane, was spotted filming in Louisiana last week meaning that the finale for the second film is already being shot! How confusing!

Incredibly, this means that the intense final confrontation between the Cullen family and the Volturi has wrapped filming, even though we won’t be seeing it in theaters for almost two years! It is almost impossible to imagine waiting that long!”

I’m in total agreement, I just wanna see the damned films already! Hurry up and finish filming! LOL!

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