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Brazilian TV Show Scares People In Subway With Zombie Prank (Video)

A Brazilian TV show recently pulled a horrifying hidden-camera zombie prank on people riding a subway in Ceara, Brazil.

As the subway train pulls into a station, the lights inside flicker on and off, but the doors do not open, leaving a woman trapped inside, noted the Daily Mail (video below).

Soon, zombies outside the subway car are reaching through the open windows and pushing their faces up against the windows as the frightened woman runs back and forth in the subway car.

At one point she crouches down next to a pole inside the train, but soon feels the touch of a zombie crawling on the floor. She cries hysterically, but the prank continues with the subway doors opening and the rest of the zombies entering.

BroBible notes that the train conductor is heard calling for help over the loudspeakers, adding to the fright.

In another prank clip, a group of female commuters are also scared by the zombies.

The stunt was filmed by the popular "Silvio Santos Program."

Sources: Daily Mail, BroBible
Image Credit: Silvio Santos Program Screenshot


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