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Brad Pitt Comes Alive in New Zombie Film 'World War Z'

Brad Pitt has started filming World War Z, a post-apocalyptic horror movie, in which he plays a UN worker who collects accounts from people who survived a zombie attack. The film is set in a decimated future version of Philadelphia, but is actually being shot in Glasgow, Scotland.

In Glasgow's George Square, American cars and fake store fronts have been added to make the city look like a war-torn Philadelphia. Gordon Matheson, leader of Glasgow City Council, told the BBC: "We are ready to welcome the World War Z production to Glasgow. There is great anticipation in the city ahead of such a huge film coming here." Locals will be cast as zombie extras and the economy is getting a bump of $3 million.

The movie is based on the Max Brooks' 2006 novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, which was a follow-up to his 2003 book The Zombie Survival Guide. Brooks used World War Z as a social commentary on government incompetence and American isolationism.

In the book, which is written in first person, Brooks explains that the United Nations censored his work from the official report, so he has written this novel to fill in the missing history via interviews with the victims.

The interviews follow the decade-long war against zombies from the viewpoint of many different people. The personal accounts also describe the religious, political, and environmental changes following the zombie war.

Brooks told the Washington Post that he did an enormous amount of research while writing the book: ”Everything in World War Z is based in reality... well, except the zombies. But seriously, everything else in the book is either taken from reality or 100% real. The technology, politics, economics, culture, military tactics... it was a alot of homework."

Brooks’ novel was inspired by the classic zombie films of director George A. Romero as well as the book The Good War, an oral history of World War II, written by Studs Terkel.


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