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Boys, 13, Kiss On 'The Fosters' TV Show (Video)

ABC Family series "The Fosters" recently featured two 13-year-old boys kissing, which is believed to be the youngest same-sex kiss on TV.

After playing catch, wrestling on the ground and getting into a jealous argument, Jude and Connor kissed on the episode that aired on March 2 (video below).

According to The Daily Beast, Jude and Connor’s relationship has been brewing for two seasons. Connor originally came on the show to rescue nail polish-wearing Jude from bullies.

The seventh graders have held pinkies in a movie theater and gazed into each other's eyes during previous episodes.

"The Fosters" is about an interracial lesbian couple raising children who are biological, fostered and adopted.

“Family has turned into something else and we can’t neglect that, that’s part of our society now," the show's co-executive producer Jennifer Lopez told Access Hollywood.

Sources: The Daily Beast, Access Hollywood
Image Credit: ABC Family Screenshot


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