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Boyfriend Tries to Prank Girlfriend on Anniversary By Telling Her He Cheated, But His Plan Hilariously Backfires (Video)

What’s the most romantic thing a man can do for his girlfriend on their five-year anniversary? Well, pretending to have cheated on her as a cruel prank is definitely not it. Apparently, YouTube prankster Roman Atwood didn’t get that memo because he did just that while on vacation with his girlfriend in Aruba. Needless to say, it didn’t quite go the way he planned.

In the video, Atwood is shown sitting his girlfriend down and admitting infidelity. Initially, Atwood’s girlfriend Brittney breaks down crying after being shocked by the news, but then, she throws him a curveball. She admits to him that she, too, cheated on him. Atwood definitely didn’t see that one coming.

He doesn’t admit right then that he was just joking around, but he begins to get angry and asks her if she’s telling the truth. She continues to cry and tell him yes as he gets even more upset.

Right when we think it’s about to get really intense, Brittney surprises everyone and tells Atwood she turned the prank around on him.

"I saw you set up your camera, you idiot!" laughs Brittney. Atwood is visibly stunned, and now, the entire hilarious incident has gone viral.

To top it all off, Brittney says she thought that he set up the camera because he was going to propose to her. It’s safe to say that Atwood is probably out shopping for engagement rings and hopefully not planning his next prank.

Watch the hilarious prank unfold below.


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