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Boyfriend Scares Girlfriend by Setting up 'The Ring' Prank

The worst boyfriend ever pulled a frightening prank on his girlfriend that she will likely never forget.

James Williams does many pranks to his friends, but this time he may have just crossed the line. 

He recreated the scary scene from horror movie "The Ring," where a female ghost crawls out of a TV.

It took him weeks to put together a life-sized puppet which he set up in front of a TV that his girlfriend was sleeping in front of. The TV was grey, showing spots as if it were broken just like in the movie.

To make it even more believable, he told his girlfriend weeks earlier that he saw a ghost on the foot of their bed.

When she fell asleep, he started the setup. It took him only a few minutes to prop the puppet up against the television. He then snuck up the stairs and moved the puppet while he turned the lights on and off.

Because she wouldn't wake up, he made a screaming noise and she immediately opened her eyes. Overcome with fear, she started screaming repeatedly before she attempted to run up the stairs. 

He stopped her at the bottom and hugged her, telling her it was all a joke.

She is seen in the last seconds of the clip crying and looking shocked.

In the past, he has pranked his friends by filling their bed with gobstoppers, hiding a wheel of rotting cheese in a lamp and adding liquid laxatives to a friend's cup of coffee.

Sources: Metro


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