Boy Drowns After Jumping in River to Celebrate World Not Ending


Can I have a cup of irony with that please? A teenage boy is believed to have drowned after jumping into a river to celebrate the world not coming to an end after the supposed day of Rapture failed to arrive.

Anthony Thompson from Kalamazoo, Michigan, leapt into the fast-flowing Kalamazoo River with a group of high-spirited friends yesterday evening to mark the passing of the so-called Armageddon, a highly publicised prediction by evangelist Harold Camping.

But the celebrations soon turned to heartbreak as the 17-year-old, who could not swim, screamed for help as the strong current swept him away.

This after friends urged Anthony not to jump in the river cause he wasn’t a strong swimmer. And yet the ebullient Anthony jumped in, only to be caught by a downstream current. One can only imagine the sense of foreboding running through Anthony’s mind as he struggled for dear life- just when he thought the sense of danger was now over…

11-year-old Tyce Covey said he saw the teens jump in and watched as Anthony was swept away. ‘He was screaming “Help, help me,”‘ Tyce said.

Tyce’s father, David Covey, 39 of South Haven, said he heard his son screaming for help. ‘We ran as fast as we could,’ Mr Covey said.

How ironic life is…


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