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Boxer Manny Pacquiao Climbs Up Music Charts, but Can He Really Sing?

He's fooled around with a mic on the Jimmy Kimmel show, which was funny and interesting, but now that boxer Manny Pacquiao has landed on the music charts, we have to ask the question: Can Pacquiao actually sing?

Or is the world's most popular boxer just benefiting from a rabid fan base that would buy anything endorsed by the Pacman? In other words, are the Pacman loyalists stuffing the ballot box by buying his music?

Pacquiao’s version of the Dan Hill hit “Sometimes When We Touch” is now No. 11 on the Secondary Adult Contemporary chart this week.

The crazy thing here is the style and type of Pacquiao's music. It's not hard. It doesn't have an edge. It's not mean. It's not nasty or pugnacious. It's almost the complete opposite of who Manny Pacquiao is in the ring. There, in the squared circle, he's a furious fist-throwing master who could take down redwoods.

But in this song, you'll notice just how light and tender he can be. The two sides of Pacquiao, obviously. But is it good or is glorified karaoke? Is there quality here? Manny's fans will say "absolutely."

Now here's Manny singing on the Jimmy Kimmel show:


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