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In the interest of full disclosure I must let it be known that one of my all time favorite authors is Sherrilyn Kenyon. When I know she has a new book out I’m always dying to pick it up - whether it’s her Dark Hunter series, Were Hunters, or The League. Well recently she released her next installation to her League series:

Born of Silence. I am really addicted to this series and I love all her characters from it.

Born of Silence is Darling’s story; and boy is it a good one. Kenyon’s characters have some deep and hard backgrounds that they come from, and Darling is no exception to that. His father was killed by his own brother and he keeps Darling on a tight leash so that he could remain the ruling Govenor while Darling is still to young to rule. This is such a great addition to the series and the characters just stand out and you get so wrapped up in their lives you feel like you are there with them.

In Darling’s story we also get to reaquaint ourselves with some old friends from past books. Which is also another thing I love about Sherrilyn Kenyon’s writing; none of her characters ever really go away. You are always sure to see them appear in another story so that we can find out how their lives are going and if they had babies and what not. This was a great story and I hope she continues on with the series because I’m a definte fan, I even have the lanyard for my keys that has the logo of The League on it.

If you are looking for a new series to start on, or just a story to read, this is one book that can stand alone or read in order of the series - either way you won’t regret picking this one up. I definetley give this a 4/5.


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