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Too Fat to Ride New "Harry Potter" Ride?

If you've been anticipating the wait of "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" at Universal Orlando Resort's new Wizarding World of Harry Potter park but weigh about 260 pounds, you may not be able to ride.

There seems to be not only a height requirement, wich is a minium height of 48 inches, but a weight requirement too. Anyone over the weight of 260 pounds, especially if the weight is carried in the mid-section area, might have difficulty locking the ride's harness. However, it may not have much to do with weight, but more so body size.

A disappointed reporter, who weighs 265 pounds, was unable to ride - but who is actually the same weight as NBA player Dwight Howard, who was apparently able to ride.  So the issue seems to be about body size, not necessarily weight.  

Other blogs have also reported comments on the ride not being able to accommodate rider's larger body sizes. Apparently there are many other rides at the Universal Orlando Resort that have modified seating for heavier set park goers, so the question is raised, why not for Forbidden Journey?

To read the HPANA reporter's post, lock yourself in here.


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