Bobby Brown vs. Bobbi Kristina


Bobby Brown is whining because he says that he wanted Bobbi Kristina for his own reality show which he is trying to get launched. Apparently there has been some interest but only if he could also get his daughter on board. No one wanted to see a fat has been chain smoke and complain about his life while struggling to sing songs that were popular 20 years ago.

Hey, welcome to an Elvis show in the 70's. Bobby says that the show would have followed him and his family as he launches a new album and attempts to walk across the room while not running out of breath or needing booze to make it. Seriously though I just don't think a Bobby Brown show would be that interesting with or without his daughter. I don't think the one announced for Lifetime is going to be that great either. It will be interesting to see everyone for a week or two and put names to faces and personalities, but that's it.


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