Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's Daughter Facing Jail Time?


The troubled 18-year-old daughter of WHITNEY HOUSTON and BOBBY BROWN was arrested for underage drinking, after cops in Roswell, Georgia broke up a fight involving her adopted brother, her ex-boyfriend and some other guys.  A gun was involved. THIS IS SOOOO WHITE TRASH...

According to the police and S/O to Hollywood Street King:

“It began when Bobbi and three male friends were in a Honda pulling out of a subdivision. They were spotted by Bobbi’s ex-boyfriend Max Lamas, who was in another car with Nicholas Gordon, the adopted son of Whitney Houston. The Honda came to a stop at a red light, and the front-seat passenger Justin Walls claimed that Lamas approached the vehicle and tried to punch him in the face while they were waiting on the traffic light to turn green. Soon both cars pulled into a local Chevron station — and all hell broke loose.

Walls charges that Lamas rushed him and hit him in the face several times. Walls was bleeding from the mouth and appeared to have a chipped tooth. A pall tried to help him and was struck several times in the head by Lamas. Gordon told officers he waved a gun in the air, attempting to stop the fight, and also pointed it at another boys legs. Police located the Glock 19 handgun in the glove compartment of his vehicle and also found ammunition. The police were called by the gas stations terrified manager Touray Bassiru, who spotted Gordon with the gun.


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