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Bobbi Kristina Calls Off Engagement to Her Adopted Brother Nick Gordon

Well that's a relief, isn't it? Bobbi Kristina has allegedly called off her engagement from her adopted brother Nick Gordon. Although they are still living together, the daughter of the late and great Whitney Houston has decided to put their wedding plans on hold. They were allegedly engaged in March after she was seen wearing her mom'sdiamond ring. This poor girl. This is so messed up.

A source tells HollywoodLife:

'Bobbi and Nick really love each other. But they just can't figure out how they want to define their relationship. Bobbi felt like she got swept up in the moment because she was going through a lot of emotions after Whitney's death. But they're in love and still together, just not engaged.''

How about you define it as siblings and start dating people you weren't brought up with? 

I don't know how accurate this claim is, although sadly, it doesn't seem too far-fetched given the people involved.


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