'I Was All My Mother Lived For': Bobbi Kristina Brown's Last Text Reveal Pain Over Whitney Houston's Death

Just days before she was found unconscious in a tub filled with water, Whitney Houston’s daughter reportedly sent a number of emotionally charged text messages about her late mother.

Bobbi Kristina Brown reported to an unknown recipient that the pain of her mother’s death left her feeling as though her heart had been “ripped out” of her chest.

“I was ALLLLL my mother lived for,” Brown wrote. “Despite the fame, the fortune the power – any and everything, my mother has done FOR ME lady.”

A second group of messages contained happier news: Brown and her husband Nick Gordon were reportedly trying to have a baby. Brown also revealed that she hoped to live up to her mother’s standards.

“Living on my own with MY husband and working my a** off in the studio and acting and doing as my mother taught me to do,” Brown wrote. “She would want me to be independent.”

News of Brown’s last messages followed a family vigil now on its fourth day at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, where Houston’s daughter is reportedly hooked up to a ventilator.

On Saturday, Brown was found face down in a tub at her home in Atlanta. According to some outlets, Brown accidentally overdosed on drugs. Investigators have since attempted to piece together the night’s events and have questioned employees at a bank branch near Brown’s gated community. They have also attempted to acquire parking lot surveillance video footage.

Sources: NY Daily News, Radar Online

Photo Credit: The Boom Box, bornrich.com


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