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Bob Dylan Debuts New Song 'Duquesne Whistle' in Violent Video

Duquesne Whistle sees Bob as the leader of a hilariously Lynchian-gang of misfits, strolling the streets at night with menace in their eyes, while a seemingly unconnected storyline about a twat pestering a girl and receiving a Tarantino-esque beating takes place during the day. It’s very, very good. Even on the 20th viewing. The song is glorious too. Best intro of the year. Look, just watch the thing. Make sure you blow it up to fullscreen as there are lots of details and it’s very dark (literally and thematically).

We like to think this is Bob and director Nash Edgerton’s response to the “girl on the platform smiled” boy in the adverts. It probably isn’t.

We also want this to be the opening title sequence to a sitcom called Bob’s Gang.

“This week on Bob’s Gang, Gene Simmons and Young Fidel Castro fall in love – with the same transvestite! What will Bob say?”

Potentially interesting fact: Director Nash Edgerton was Ewan McGregor's stunt double in the terrible Star Wars prequels.

Bob Dylan – Tempest is out on September 10.


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