Is Blake Lively Pregnant?


You know, when I am trying to get someone to go out with me, I try to cut back on the calories for a few weeks and get down to 295. I think it makes me look good. But, after 6 or 7 months when I finally wear someone down enough to get them to say yes to a date, I balloon back up to 325 or 330.

According to The New York Post, everyone thinks Blake Lively might be pregnant because she is not watching what she eats like she usually does. Well, yeah, she got married, so was probably starving herself to fit into a dress and it is Ryan Reynolds.

He does not have body fat so she probably thought she needed less. Now though, maybe she feels she can relax and eat a meal a day or every other day. It does not mean she is pregnant, although it would explain the number of shotguns at the wedding.


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