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Blake Lively “I’ve Had Four Boyfriends In My Whole Life"

Sure Blake Lively is at the top of her game in her career and when in love, but don't expect her to spread her love thin. In the March issue of Elle magazine in which she covers, the Gossip Girl star reveals that she has only dated a grand total of four guys. Yup! Just four!!

“I’ve had four boyfriends in my whole life."

“I’ve never been with anyone that’s not a boyfriend. I didn’t have a boyfriend until I was 17.”

And if you are lucky enough to date her, you can expect her full attention as she is not a fan of casual relationships.

“I’ve never gone on a date. Maybe I’m too shy, If I’ve ever had a man in my life, it’s because I know him well, and he really means something to me. I don’t take that stuff lightly.”

“I’d rather be by myself than be spending any time or energy on somebody that I didn’t feel sure about."

We have to respect her for that!

She's currently dating Ryan Reynolds. She has previously dated Penn Badgley as well as Leonardo DiCaprio.


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