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Ben Affleck: Blake Lively Doesn't Know Who Matt Damon Is

So, Ben Affleck gave an interview to Details magazine in which he covers the October issue.

What you might not know is that he reveals while shooting The Town in his hometown of Boston -- he took his co-star Blake Lively for a tour of the city when he pointed out Matt Damon's childhood house she only knew him as Jason Bourne. Furthermore, Ben admits that that comment by Blake made him feel old.

Ben told the mag:

When I was doing The Town, I’d tour the actors around Boston. I was with Blake [Lively], and I saw Matt’s childhood home. And I said, “Oh yeah, that’s where Matt grew up.” And she said, “Who?” And I said, “Matt Damon.” And she said, “Oh my God! You know Jason Bourne?!” She really didn’t know. And I thought, “There it is. The first age of people who are adults who missed the whole Matt-and-Ben propaganda campaign!” Mostly, it just made me feel old.

(And like she didn't know who the hell Matt Damon was?!) That's probably the most shocking thing in the whole interview.


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