Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds?

Hot new couple alert?

“Gossip Girl” beauty Blake Lively recently split with actor Leonardo DiCaprio but has moved on to a new (and even hotter) leading man, Ryan Reynolds!

Blake reportedly spent the weekend at Ryan Reynolds’ apartment in Boston last weekend and were spotted at Boston’s Back Bay Train Station as the actress was dropped out to catch her train. Eyewitnesses swear they were making out before she left!

The tattle-tale stated, “When Ryan took Blake to catch her train back to NYC they were making out and looked really happy together. Blake was wearing a big hat and it fell off as she made out with Ryan on the escalator at the train station. It was really early and he was even wheeling her suitcase for her! He wanted to make sure she caught the train so he waited until she got on.”

An insider said that Reynolds and Blake ran into each other at the Radiohead concert in New York and discovered they both needed to head to Boston for the weekend so took the Acela train together.

Ryan is currently in Boston shooting his movie R.I.P.D. and Blake was heading to Boston for a cooking event at the sushi restaurant O Ya.

An interesting note to this story is that Ryan’s ex-wife Scarlett Johansson was actually at the Radiohead concert with Ryan when they ran into Blake Lively.

So are Blake and Ryan a new couple or was it just a convenient hook-up?

The source reported, “They kept kissing on the platform and looked like they were a couple. It’s clear she’s over Leo, but as for how serious she is with Ryan? Who knows.”

We think they would make a gorgeous couple!


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