'Black As Hell' Santa Clause Makes Appearance On SNL (Video)


The day after Fox News’ Megyn Kelly insisted that Santa Claus is white, Saturday Night Live cast Kenan Thompson as a black Santa.

“Here’s a secret for you,” he said. “I’m black as hell.”

The fake Santa explained that it was helpful to be thought of as white, because he couldn’t waste time getting pulled over every 10 minutes when delivering presents.

When the news anchor asked if Santa had come to terms with people thinking he was white, he replied that he was used to white men taking credit for something black men did.

“History always gets whitewashed,” he said, before reading a rewritten verse of “The Night Before Christmas”.

Santa added that he was surprised people never thought he was black, noting that a white man would never wear a red suit.

He also insisted that his reindeer Prancer was gay and that Mrs. Clause wasn’t black.

In his final comments, Santa reminded the audience that 2013 is a year of changes.

“So when I sneak into your house,” Santa warned, “don’t call the police.”

Sources: Eurweb, MediaITE


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