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Black Friday Prank Gives 99 Cent Store Busiest Day Ever

Black Friday is just another day for many small shops around the country, but for one tiny dollar store in New York, it was the busiest day of the year. 

Improv Everywhere is a group of pranksters who set up funny situations around the city. This year, the group decided to fake a "camp out" on Black Friday for a Manhattan dollar store. 

The mission included 100 people who arrived early in the morning, carrying chairs, tents, and sleeping bags. The group formed a long line several blocks down, even wrapping around a nearby Rite-Aid. 

Pranksters set up their tents and sleeping bags to make it look as if they had been waiting there all night, as onlookers scratched their heads wondering what could possibly draw such a crowd. 

One prankster acted as an NBC news correspondent and interviewed people who passed by. One taxi driver said, "this is the first time in all of my life I have seen a line at a 99 cent store."

Another passerby said, "I don't get it, it's a 99 cent store, it's already cheap."

Meanwhile, the owner opened the doors and let people in. He thought they were waiting for Rite-Aid, but soon realized it was for his store. 

A fake security guard let five people in at a time. All of the shoppers bought at least one thing, some bought more than others. 

The owner was shocked and grateful for the business.


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