Is the Black Eye Peas' Fergie Pregnant?

Is Fergie pregnant?   Based on the latest photos to hit the web, Fergie is sporting what appears to be a cute little baby bump.  But then again, back in 2011 Fergie kept the pregnancy rumors alive by wearing an over sized shirt.

Rumors of Fergie being pregnant have been rampant since the day she married her husband, Josh Duhamel.  The Black Eye Peas lead singer and her husband have been married since January 2009.  Having made it through an alleged cheating scandal where Josh Duhamel was accused of having an affair with a stripper, the couple are still going strong after four years of marriage.  In Hollywood, four years of marriage is equal to 28 years of marriage in the “real world.”

Fergie, who is 37, has said in the past that while she wants children, she wasn’t ready for them just yet.  She and her husband were enjoying each other’s company too much.  Is it possible that the time is right now?  Fergie and The Black Eyed Peas are on a hiatus for an “indefinite” period of time.  The last time they took a break it lasted four years.  That sounds like a long enough time to have more than one child.

What do you think – is Fergie pregnant? She would be joining an ever-growing list of women who are having children this summer – including Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson.


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