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'Bitchy Resting Face' Parody Video Goes Viral

A new PSA parody video (below) titled "Bitchy Resting Face" has gone viral on the web.

The video shows various bitter-looking women and includes the voiceover: "These women might be suffering without you even knowing it. They might just have faces, that to you, look bitchy. They might not be bitches at all."

The women each take turns admitting that they have the condition.

The skit was created by Taylor Orci and her boyfriend Jared Nigro, who are both writers and performers. The video appears on the "Broken People" YouTube channel. 

So far, the video has over 800,000 views since May 22.

"It was an inside joke between me and my boyfriend Jared," Orci told the Daily Mail. "Because when we met he thought I looked bitchy and I was like, 'Ugh this ---hole' and we didn't talk for a year. That's why on the video he's the one that goes 'I genuinely want to buy you a drink.'"

Orci added: "One of my biggest pet peeves is people telling me I should cheer up or smile. That conjures in me like 'Kill Bill' rage. I act so I can never play girl next door types cause I look too sad. Maybe the girl next door is sad."

Source: Daily Mail and YouTube


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