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Audio: Billy Ray Cyrus Storms Out of "Rude" Radio Interview

Whatever you do, don’t ask Billy Ray Cyrus about his divorce from wife Tish – he’ll pack a tanty. Just as he did during an interview on a radio show last week.

Asked by radio DJ Woody Johnson, who hosts WCOL’s Woody & The Wake-Up Call in Columbus, Ohio, about his separation, Cyrus spat the dummy and stormed off.

I’m sorry, I had to ask you,asked Johnson.

Cyrus them stormed out of the booth, saying: Oh man. You know what, bud? Woody Johnson. Woody Johnson. God bless America, God bless our troops. Woody Johnson, look at you,” he said. “Oh I ain’t mad at you. Have a good day, brother.”

Listen carefully and you can hear an indignant Cyrus hissing about “how rude” Johnson was for asking about his divorce.

Listen to the action below:

Johnson later took to his blog to explain what happened.

I’ve always liked Billy Ray Cyrus…and still do, actually, but was taken aback by his reaction to my question regarding the breakup of his marriage. I mean, it’s not like it wasn’t public knowledge, for crying out loud. If he shuts me down, fine. I respectfully moved on, but he did not, he wrote.

What do you think? Was Cyrus justified in throwing his toys out of the pram?


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