Billy Ray Cyrus 'Could have Been Better Dad'


Billy Ray Cyrus is still trying to make amends for the comments he made against “Hannah Montana,” the Disney Channel TV show which propelled daughter Miley Cyrus to stardom.

This morning, the 49-year old appeared on Good Morning America to once more try and dig himself out of the hole he created for himself, when he bit the hand that fed him saying GQ the show had turned his life into a “bad country song.”

He of “Achy Breaky Heart” fame should know a thing or two about that. But ever since placing blame on the hit show for destroying his family life, causing his divorce and leading his poor, innocent daughter astray, he’s been trying to clarify and qualify his words. Because, unsurprisingly, his fam was none too pleased by his GQ “confession.”

“What I meant to say,” he told GMA host Robin Roberts, “…was, fame, the pressures of fame … fame can be a dangerous animal.”

He also admitted, “I could have been a better dad.”

Do ya think?

Cyrus still didn’t really accept the blame himself for what he said. Instead he blamed the timing of the interview, saying he was “surrounded by darkness” and separated from his family when he spoke with GQ.

But at least he’s taken something away from the experience.

“…I kind of learned this, that doing an interview when you’re mad, is a whole lot like going to the grocery store when you’re hungry. It’s not a real good idea,” he said.

Oh, lets hope not. We like it when you stay stupid things, Billy Ray.


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