Billy Joel Splits the Check on a Date


Note to self: If you turn gay at any point in the future (head injury from freak car accident, etc.), do not goonadate with Billy Joel. From The Globe:

Times must be tough for Piano Man Billy Joel. The singer dropped by 22 Bowen's Wine Bar & Grille in Newport R.I., with a sexy blonde, where they ordered chicken Caesar salads and drinks and later SPLIT the check! A source tells me Billy didn't leave a tip, although his companion gave $20 to the female bartender, and he wasn't friendly at all to the fans who asked for his picture and autograph. "He said he wanted to be left alone," adds the insider. (Print Edition)

Billy split the bill with this woman and then was rude to his fans? It sounds like this chick must have been his ex-wife's lawyer.

The reality is that over-the-hill dudes worth millions of dollars don't go out with "sexy blondes" and then make them pay for their meal at the restaurant. That's just not their style. They make them pay for the meal back at their bedroom.


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