Bill Maher Gets Booed for George Zimmerman Jokes (Video)


Bill Maher cracked some George  Zimmerman jokes on the "Late Show with David Letterman" last night,but apparently the audience felt it was too soon.

"You're one of the [New York] Mets owners... Mr. Big Shot," said Letterman (video below).

Maher responded: "Well, a minority owner."

"You get free tickets, right?' asked Letterman.

“Better than being a minority in Florida,” Maher joked.

Suddenly, the boos began and Maher asked: “Why are they booing?”

“You know they want to give George Zimmerman a gun now,” Maher said later. “The Florida state law is that he can get his gun back. I say, 'if he gets a gun, Casey Anthony gets a baby.'”

The audience then groaned.



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