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The Court Of Public Opinion Has Ruled On Bill Cosby

Say it ain’t so Dr. Huxtable.

“America’s Favorite Dad,” which is the moniker unofficially given to Bill Cosy, after his days as the lovable, funny and wise dad Dr. Cliff Huxtable on the long-running TV sitcom, “The Cosby Show,” is in big trouble.

Not so much trouble of going to jail, since the avalanche of rape charges coming at it lately, have all gone beyond the statute of limitations for prosecution. But when it comes to his legacy, public opinion and I suppose, civil lawsuits, his worries and troubles are just beginning.

In the last month, sixteen - yes, sixteen - women have come forward and accused Cosby of rape or sexual assault from encounters many years ago. Their stories sound eerily similar. All say that they were with Cosby in some non-sexual social or business situation and remember taking some drink from Cosby and then blacking out and waking up later in a bed or on a sofa, clearly having been sexually assaulted, but having no clear recollection of the encounter.

The number and similarities of the stories are too much to ignore. It is hard to believe all these women are making this story up. And while there is no direct proof, it looks likely that Cosby was a closet rapist. I know he is innocent until proven guilty technically. But there will be no criminal trial. Cosby was too smart in how he supposedly did this, time and time again.

And before any Cosby defenders say, "Well, it's the women’s fault for waiting this long before making their claims," please note that many of them did make the charges a long time ago. But the combination of Cosby’s power and popularity made it extremely hard for the charges to be taken seriously. As even Cosby’s lawyer pointed out, when he finally released a statement, these allegations are not new. But what’s different now is that Cosby is not as popular as he once was, not as powerful, and our society now takes allegations of sexual assault much more seriously than it once did. Throw in the power of the Internet to create a flood of public sentiment and attention, and we see how Cosby finds himself with a whole lot more to worry about this time.

I for one just can’t believe all these women are making this up and conspiring to bring the 77-year-old man down now. And it looks like a lot of others are recognizing there has to be truth in these stories. Networks and advertisers are running fast from Cosby, pulling appearances, bookings and even re-runs of his shows.

Cosby may not go to jail over these allegations, tbut the court of public opinion has no time limit. Cosby’s time in the sun is definitely over.

Photo Credit: Associated Press


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