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Bill Cosby Accused of Leaking Story About Daughter's Drug Problems to Press

As numerous alleged rape victims come forward, comedian Bill Cosby's once wholesome legacy sinks deeper every day.

Now, there are allegations that Cosby leaked a story about his own daughter's drug problems in an effort to stop a sex story about himself from being published.

A former reporter for the National Enquirer recently told that the gossip mag had a story about Cosby “swinging with Sammy Davis Jr. and some showgirls in Las Vegas” in 1989 when the comedian's family-sitcom "The Cosby Show" was dominating the ratings.

When Cosby was contacted for a comment about the upcoming sex article, he allegedly told the National Enquirer about his then-23-year-old daughter Erinn’s alleged addictions to drugs and alcohol.

“My editor told me that daddy Cosby was the source,” the reporter told "He ratted out his flesh and blood."

The National Enquirer ran the story about Erinn and added this quote from Cosby, "Deep down inside, she knows we love her.”

The Washington Post recently noted that Erinn was estranged from Cosby in the late 1980s, which the Cosby family blamed on her drug use, a claim that Erinn denied.

“She can’t come here," Cosby reportedly told The Los Angeles Times. "She’s not a person you can trust.”

Erinn accused Mike Tyson of sexual assault in 1989. According to the Associated Press, she told her famous parents who "wanted him to go to therapy for a year." Erinn ran into Tyson weeks later at a club and claimed that he screamed at her for telling her father and said he wouldn't go to therapy.

Another alleged distasteful story was also told to by Hollywood publicist Dick Delson.

“Robert Culp was a good friend and client,” stated Delson. “He refused to do ‘I Spy’ unless Cosby was his co-star. Up until then, no African-American had ever co-starred in a TV series. Culp made it happen.”

However, when Culp died of a heart attack while walking his dog in 2010 in Hollywood, Delson claims that Cosby didn't want to come to Culp's funeral service.

“When he did show up, he refused to speak on Bob’s behalf,” claimed Delson. “I’m not a Cosby fan and never will be.”

Cosby’s camp has not commented on either story.

Sources: Associated Press, The Washington Post, / Image Credit: United States Navy photo by Mr. Scott King


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