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Bill Clinton Wouldn't Be Surprised If Aliens Visited Earth (Video)

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During an appearance Wednesday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” former U.S. President Bill Clinton said he wouldn’t be surprised if aliens existed.

Soon after becoming president, Clinton reported that he and his aides researched files on Area 51. His administration also researched the Roswell UFO sighting documents.

“I had all the Roswell papers reviewed,” Clinton, whose presidency occurred during the 50th anniversary of the sighting, said. “Everything.”

When asked if he would admit to the American people if he found evidence suggesting alien life, Clinton agreed.

The former president added that given the size of the universe and the discovery of new planets, he wouldn’t be surprised if aliens existed.

Clinton suggested that an alien presence could have positive benefits, like uniting the polarized world.

Sources: Daily Caller, ABC News


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