Bicyclist Suffers Horrifying Accident (Video)


A cyclist named "Anthony" recently took a brutal tumble.

The horrifying incident was caught on video (below) presumably by another cyclist.

While peddling with a group of fellow bikers, Anthony hits an object on the road, causing his bike and himself to violently flip, noted

A second video (below) reveals the damage to Anthony's bike.

In another bizarre video (below), notes that a man named Dollar Billionz in Modesto, California,  demonstrated how he dealt with a woman whom he claimed is a crack addict.

It's not clear if the woman was actually on drugs or mentally disturbed, but Dollar claims in the video that he has had to listen to her ramble since 2 a.m.

He reaches for a hose and turns the water on her, driving the woman away.

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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