Beyonce's $30 Million Pepsi Commercial (Video)


Beyonce threw out a teaser to all of her fans yesterday, April 3rd, saying she had a big secret. It turns out the big secret was a new Pepsi commercial (the one she got paid $30 million dollars for), titled Mirrors.

In the commercial, the singer enjoys a cold drink of Pepsi while rehearsing, and then has some surprises when looking in the mirror! If you listen carefully, you will hear a preview of Beyonce’s new song “Grown Woman”! In the video, says, “Embrace your past but live for now.” The video is filled with clips from Beyonce’s past videos.

Beyonce is busy these days, being a mom to her daughter Blue Ivy, marketing herself in the new H & M Summer Ad and her Mrs. Carter World tour.

Are you disappointed with Beyonce’s big reveal?  I was hoping she was going to announce she was pregnant with her second child.  Wouldn’t it be fun to watch – Beyonce and Kim Kardashian pregnant at the same time.  I could see the headlines now.


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