Beyonce is Really Solange’s Mother, Not Sister?

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Beyonce has had to deal with some outlandish rumors over the years, but this newest one may take the cake. As the 31-year-old singer has battled pregnancy, fake baby bump and relationship rumors, this one probably is crazier than all of those combined.

Reports are swirling that Beyonce is not Solange’s sister, but in fact, her mother!

Reportedly, the rumors are coming from an unnamed source that is allegedly close to Beyonce’s cousin that told BuzzFeed that Beyonce was born in 1974 and not 1981. This would put Beyonce’s age at 39, instead of 31. So she would have been around 14 or 15 when she gave birth to Solange, who is 26. Reportedly, another source that works at the Texas Health Department unearthed Beyonce’s “real” birth certificate.

Not only is the rumor ridiculous, it is easily debunkable. Throughout the years, Beyonce has shown numerous family films of her and Solange, showing the two very close in age. In most videos, Beyonce appears to be only a few years older than Solange and if Beyonce is her mother where are the pictures of her pregnant and who is the father? Why hasn’t he come forward? This rumor is easily chalked up to being just plain ridiculous.


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