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Beyonce Gets Pulled Off Stage by Fan During Brazil Concert (Video)

Beyonce used to be known for putting out non-stop popular records. Over time, as her ability to produce hits slowly went away, her image changed. She went from being a Rihanna-like pop star with an innate ability to make radio magic to a Madonna-like legend more renowned for her epic concerts.

Ever since she got back on her feet after giving birth to Blue Ivy, Beyonce has been touring the world and putting on sold out concert after sold out concert. For the most part, these concerts have gone according to plan and without any major unexpected drama.

For the most part.

This weekend, while Beyonce was performing in Brazil, a crazed fan got a little too close to Ms. Carter and managed to pull her off stage. Security quickly jumped in and pushed her back, but it was still a pretty scary experience.

Check it out:

The best part of that, without question, is the fact that Beyonce doesn’t miss a beat despite almost being kidnapped. Pro’s pro.


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