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Beyonce's Daughter and Alicia Keys' Son Kissed

Two of the biggest singers in the world, Beyonce and Alicia Keys are amazing musicians who also happen to be friends.  Keys appeared on The Wendy Williams Show where she spoke about an incident with her son, Egypt and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy.

Baby Blue and Egypt

Wendy asked Alicia if she ever just hopped in her car with her son, without a bodyguard or her entourage in tow, for a played date with Beyonce and Blue Ivy.  Keys said while she hasn’t gone to Beyonce’s house for a play date, they have met at the music studio.  During one visit to the studio, Egypt took the liberty of kissing, Blue Ivy.  That’s one brave little boy, who took the chance of kissing what is sure to be a very protected little girl, while he had the chance.

Blue Ivy’s daddy, Jay-Z has already issued a warning to Egypt’s daddy, Swiss Beatz telling him to keep his son away from Blue.

Alicia was laughing when she told the story to Wendy.  I am sure they are all laughing now.  When Blue Ivy Carter becomes a teenager something tells me no one will be laughing when she gets kissed by a boy.  Least of all Jay-Z.

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