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Beyonce Lawsuit: She's a Christmas Scrooge

Although Tyra Banks and her evil Christmas Grinchness is still at the top of my list, if this is true, Beyonce could be neck and neck with Tyra. Yesterday Beyonce was sued for $100M by a video game company and a lawyer who is a horrible speller.

Remarkably, not me. The suit accuses Beyonce of being a diva and asking for additional money after she had already been paid a ton of dough. When the company balked at paying her more than they had already agreed to pay her and paid, Beyonce walked.

When she did so, she caused the company to shut down weeks before Christmas and for 70 people to lose their jobs. Yes, that's right, while Beyonce sat on a yacht somewhere warm and sunny drinking $500 bottles of champagne, the 70 people she got laid off spent their time scouring food banks and hoping for donations of toys for their children.

Oh, and probably had to get their Christmas tree at a lot after the owners went home and left all their not picked out trees scattered on the ground.

Meanwhile, Beyonce laughed and laughed while shoving her mouth full with Christmas cake. OK, well maybe it was not that bad, but I will be interested to hear what she has to say about this.


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