Betty White: "You’re Never Too Old For Sexual Desire"

Betty White: Comedian, TV goddess, octogenarian…wanton sex cougar?

“Does desire melt away with age? I’m waiting for that day to come,” she tells the latest issue of AARP magazine.

“Sexual desire is like ageing,” she continued, pointing at her head. “A lot of it is up here.”

White, 88, who graces the magazine’s cover along with her You Again co-stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Kristen Bell, also says her first marriage was purely physical.

“I married my first husband because we wanted to sleep together,”she said. “It lasted six months and we were in bed for six months.”


She also discussed her third union to game show host Allen Ludden.

“He bought me a beautiful ring and I threw it back at him, she adds, “So he wore it on a chain around his neck. He said, ‘I’m going to wear it until you put it on your finger.’

The secret to our marriage was enthusiasm.

When I knew Allen was coming home, I would freshen my makeup and put on a new blouse.

“I don’t have a fella, but if Allen — or Robert Redford — were around, we’d have a very active sex life.”

Eighty-eight and sassier than someone a quarter her age. Love her!


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