Better Call Saul: Breaking Bad Spin-Off Details Revealed by Bob Odenkirk

With Breaking Bad officially in blue meth heaven, all fans have left now is memories and strange series finale theories from Norm Macdonald.

By the way, while you have to give Macdonald credit for his class A trolling, his premise isn’t particularly easy to disprove. If the finale was entirely comprised of a Walt hallucination, outside of that Jessie fantasy which he says was injected in the middle for some random reason, then how was Walt aware of Todd and the Nazis coming into Holly’s room and threatening Skyler? He wasn’t around for that, so how could he dream it?

The reason why Macdonald’s theory has any traction whatsoever, though, is because fans are still so desperate for something, anything related to Breaking Bad. Fortunately, we’ll soon be getting something more than faulty conspiracy theories.

As was reported a few months ago, AMC has greenlight a spinoff – Better Call Saul. While there isn’t much information available right now, during a recent interview with Salon.com, Bob Odenkirk did make it known that the show wouldn’t be a straight comedy. He acknowledged that there would be some dark humor, just like there was in Breaking Bad, but no straight up comedy.

"Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad's creator) and the writers will make the ultimate decision," he said. "But Vince has told me, the last time he talked to me, he said that it will be slightly more dark than it is funny. That’s an interesting balance to strike."

At this point, there hasn’t been any information released on when this show will be filmed/premiere.


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