Singer Ben Harper and Actress Laura Dern to Divorce

Grammy winner Ben Harper is divorcing his wife of five years, Laura Dern. It looks like this divorce came out of nowhere, too. Sources say that Ben and Laura have been spending a lot of time together for the past year, and even soiled the sheets last week.

So why, then, does Harper claim in the divorce documents that they have been separated since January?  He cites irreconcilable differences and is choosing to deny Dern spousal support.

They have two kids together, Ellery, 9, and Jaya, 5, whom Harper expects joint legal and physical custody of.

I am really curious to see how this all plays out. Something really fishy is going on here. For things to turn a complete 180 practically overnight is really weird. Who cheated? Where’s the scandal?  Stand by for more dirt in this soon-to-be-ugly divorce.

Photo: WENN


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