Ben Affleck Receives Honorary Degree from Brown University

Ben Affleck now has a doctorate degree, as Brown University gave him an honorary one in fine arts on Sunday.

The crowd begged him to give a speech as he was presented with it, so he gave a brief one.

"This is a spectacular honor for me. Among other things today, in terms of higher education, I passed Matt Damon," he said.

He then talked about his daughter Violet, who would ask him how he graduated when he didn't go to school or do any homework.

Though Affleck attended the University of Vermont, he only completed one semester before he dropped out to pursue acting more seriously. 

He said his receiving of a doctorate degree meant a lot to his mother, who was in the audience.

"This means a lot to her," he said. "She never got to see my graduate from any higher education at all. So, mom, this is for you. I love you."

Sources: Have U Heard


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