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Ben Affleck Has Man Crush on Brad Pitt

Ben Affleck has a man crush on Brad Pitt. The actor surprisingly revealed the news in W Magazine’s best performances issue.

The magazine asked 25 actors and actresses who their cinematic crush was with Ben revealing,

“Brad Pitt to me is like the perfect man, Brad I hope this doesn’t disturb you to hear.”

Also answering the question was Kristen Stewart who said,

“I used to have a crush on Harrison Ford but Amy Adams, man. She’s my favorite actress I think right now.”

Naomi Watts said,

“Daniel Day Lewis. I really want to work with you Daniel, I hope you’re watching this. He’s just brilliant every time.”

Bradley Cooper said,

“I was just bowled over by Julie Christie.”

Amy Adams said,

“I have so many cinematic crushes. When I have a crush I have no game….Colin Farrel is my cinematic crush.”

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