Battlefield 3 Fans Take a Jab at Modern Warfare 3


No matter what part of the entertainment industry you belong to, be it music, movies or video games, you will find rivals not much different than you would find amongst sporting teams.  Think, Yankees and Red Sox.  Tupac and Biggie.  Activision and Electronic Arts.

While at E3 many debates carried on as to who would be the dominant first-person shooter, typically the strongest genres in terms of fans and longevity, this year.  With two major franchises releasing sequels just before the holidays the fight for the market has already begun.

In what appears to be an evil genius plan, which is at the very least incredibly funny, someone has purchased the domain for the sole purpose of redirecting fans to  [A quick search for the owner shows it is a private domain through GoDadddy]

Having seen the trailers for both games and having some hands on experience with previous iterations I am pulling for Battlefield 3 but I fully expect Modern Warfare 3 to squeak out in front.  The competition is great for gamers as it should push both EA and Activision to deliver a stellar product.

Until then...

Battlefield 3 is currently schedule for release on 25 October 2011.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is currently schedule for release on 8 November 2011.


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