"Battle: Los Angeles": Latest in Stream of Disaster/Alien-Invasion Movies


I'm feeling Skyline-d, District 9-ed, 2012-ed and Monster-ed out right now. Tired, dusty, battle-fatigued, blitzkreiged, fagged and shagged with aching joints. And now another shaky-cam disaster/alien-invasion movie -- Battle: Los Angeles -- is set to land on 3.11.11. And then JJ Abrams' Super 8 arrives on 6.10.11. Wait...will Peter Berg's Battleship (due in 2012) involve aliens?

Does Battle: Los Angeles look good? Yeah. What's my level of interest in seeing it on a scale of one to ten? About a seven, if that.

Battle: Los Angeles costars Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan, Michael Pena, etc. I'll get around to listing the others down the line. It would appear that 34 year-old director Jonathan Liebesman (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is a very ambitious Spielberg-Abrams-Kosinky-Cameron wannabe eager-beaver tech-head....just what the corporations are looking for!


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