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Batman Gets Drunk, Leaves Messages on Answering Machine (Parody Video)

'Bat Problems,' an online parody video (below) produced by Andrew Hamm and Nathan Macintosh, features the caped crusader drunk and complaining about his life.

Batman (voiced by Macintosh) leaves several voice messages to confidant Lucius Fox in which he complains about an erection given to him by Catwoman, his bat suit’s neck being too tight, and accidentally urinating on himself at a bar.

“I got a rock-hard erection,” Batman says. “I had to lay down for 20 minutes until it went away. I’m gonna need more room in the crotch. Rubber doesn’t give.”

“I’m bored. I really only talk to three people, and two of them are my dead parents. I’m coming over. We’re going out for shakes!”

“When you piss yourself at the bar, everybody notices ... My parents are dead. Do you know that? Do you know that? You can’t answer your phone, huh? Where’s Alfred? What’s he doing with my money?”

The video was posted Sunday on Vimeo.


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