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Khloe Kardashian Dishes on Best Curve-Enhancing Bathing Suits

It's officially here - bathing suit season!

Some of us research and research, try on and try on, work out and work out, to have that perfect bathing suit fit us just so. Well, here's a bit of advice (via Skinny vs. Curvy) from Khloe Kardashian, who, interestingly, hasn't been spotted in a bikini since 2009.

Diane von Furstenberg has a very mod, 1950s bikini where the bottom is kind of high-waisted - very Marilyn Monroe and very sexy, so if you have a little tummy, you can hide it. When you have a bigger butt, bottoms without ties on the side sometimes will cut into your skin. I have a booty, so I like ties because I can loosen them up a little.”

I’ve seen women on the beach, and I don’t know if they don’t see it, but their breasts are hanging all the way down. They need some more support.

I love one-pieces, but I’m still 25. A lot of one-pieces look like they’re for older women, but nowadays there are so many fun one-pieces with cutouts and other designs that are really sexy.”


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