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Model Bar Refaeli Tweets Positive Body Image Messages

Beautiful model Bar Refaeli, 25, had to voice her concern about teen models who are "extremely skinny." She took to her Twitter account and tweeted:

I get so sad when I see 15-year-old pale extremely skinny models at the agency looking all shaky and hungry…. when will it end?!?!?

Hhhmm, good question, Bar. One question we've been seeing slowly infiltrate the fashion industry. This cry for concern must have come from seeing teen models at the agency who reps her - One Management in NYC.

Bar continues to send out healthy messages via her Twitter page, tweeting things like:

“Some people are addicted to drugs and others addicted to alcohol. Me? I’m addicted to pomegranate juice,” she tweeted yesterday (8/30).

“Seriously… plastic surgery is not helping your impact on young women or your looks,” she also pointed out.

And Bar lives by example. She tweets what she eats, which is far from a cube of cheese and air. 

I just ate the last bar of my chocolate. I feel good. Two more meetings to go and car hunting. Go!!!

All women should have piggy days occasionally! Come on! ;) RT @HalliMartin Hey @IamBarRefaeli becareful what you eat lol

Something tells me that eating a whole of cinnamon roll and pineapple juice for breakfast it's not enough. I'm still hungry :p

There is nothing like a really good nights sleep followed by a really good breakfast. Power for the day.

Mind you, these were all posted today (8/31).


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