Video: Bam Margera Predicted Ryan Dunn Would Die in Car Accident


“Jackass” star Bam Margera and his mother, April Margera, made a grim prediction five years ago that his late friend Ryan Dunn would die in a horrible car crash.  See the video here.


Ryan Dunn’s friends predicted years ago that he would probably die in a car accident.

The “Jackass” star passed away on Monday after his Porsche 911 spun out of control at around 130 MPH and smashed into trees in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania. Dunn’s passenger Zachary Hartwell also died in the crash.

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A toxicology report shows Dunn was twice the legal limit at the time of the accident.

Five years before the tragedy, Margera criticized Dunn’s driving and predicted he would be involved in a terrible crash.

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In an episode of Margera’s MTV show Viva La Bam in 2006, he was heard discussing Dunn’s driving ability with his mother, April, after the pair had a Lamborghini-versus-limousine race.

From “Viva la Bam” DVD five years ago:

Margera said, “He’s the worst driver… He’s gonna eat it (get injured) one of these times.”

April Margera adds, “The car he almost killed you kids in was not his car… He’ll never learn his lesson… He always drives like an a**hole, I’m serious. I’ll tell you, he’s gonna eat it some day in a car accident.”

Another friend in the video said, “I have him in the death pool for death by vehicle.”

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